Friday, October 17, 2014

"The Book of Unknown Americans" Book Club

It's time for the Noble Paiges Book Club with Kelsey and Paige again!  I have been so behind this month, so instead of having a video, I'm going to be sharing my questions here on the blog.  The book for this time was "The Book of Unknown Americans" by Cristina Henriquez.

Even though this book had a bit of a sad feeling overall, I did enjoy it and I can't wait to hear what everyone has to say about it!

1.  What are some signs that Maribel is getting better?
The scene where Maribel is laughing at her mother's joke is definitely a great sign that she was getting better.  I also liked the scenes with Maribel and Mayor.  Each one of them was a sign that she was growing and changing and maybe getting back to the old Maribel.

2.  Alma is dealing with her guilt about Maribel's accident-how does this affect her life and relationships?
The obvious answer is that she uprooted her whole life to move to America to send Maribel to a school that could help her.  But it also made her even more overprotective of her daughter and she held back in friendships.  Because she kept it a secret for the most part it made her guilt even worse.  Also, I felt so sad that she and Arturo's marriage was affected and then he passed away.

3.  After you learn about Garrett's home life did you change your opinion of him?
Not really, I felt like he could have overcome his situation.  Also, if he had been a better person and left Maribel alone then Arturo probably would have lived and then Alma and Maribel wouldn't have moved.  Everything would be different if Garrett had just left Maribel alone.

4. Was Alma's decision to return to Mexico the right one?
This is a tough question but I do feel like it was the best decision for them.  Even though they had to leave Maribel's school, it would have been difficult for them not only to legally stay, but also to support themselves.  And I think going back to Mexico was best because that's where their family was and they needed family after everything that had happened.

Be sure to check out Paige's blog for the other half of the conversation!

Thank you so much for participating.  I can't wait to chat with everyone and see what you guys  have to say!  Also, the book club will be chatting again on Saturday, December 6th.  And I am very excited for the next book.  We will be discussing "Leaving Time" by Jodi Picoult!  She has been a very popular author and a favorite of mine for many years.  I can't wait to see what her newest book has in store!

And stay tuned soon for more scrapbooking videos!

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