Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Workspace Wendesday--Updated Room Tour

So, not only have I not seen this blog updated in way too long, but I actually managed to make an updated room tour and am ready to post it on a Wednesday--as in--Workspace Wednesdays!  Yes, I'm way more proud of myself than I should be, haha!  I am finally feeling back in the groove after this move.  Word of advice, never put your things in storage for two years!  It just makes it that much harder to move.  Instead of going from Point A to Point B, we had an extra step in the middle.  Thanks to a smaller house, we had to get rid of a lot.  This was probably a good thing, especially in my scrapbook room.  I had tons of things that I just didn't use anymore or my style had changed since I bought things SIX whole years ago!

Like I said, the move is almost over (don't look at my living room please), but after we got all settled into the office, we realized our old setup was not working very well.  And we really needed a second computer so that I could be more up to date with my video editing and blogging.  So we took every single thing out of the office and stacked it into our already chaotic living room.  And then we proceeded to switch things up and put it back in.  Insane--yes, I think we are!

But it was all completely worth it; we even went through our things a second time and got rid of even more stuff!  And I had to clear off half of my desk for a computer--but that is a good thing all in itself because so much stuff was piled in the corner that I never used it.  And I kept piling stuff over there that I didn't know where else to put (if it was new) or things that needed to be put away (after they were used). All in all, I'm loving my scrap space now and I love the fact that it's more pared down.  I'm trying to keep a more simple, streamlined space, and save money at the same time by not putting money out for new product until I've used up more of the old.  I better get scrapping--CHA will be here before you know it and then there will be all sorts of new things ;)

This turned out to be a very long post, but thanks for reading and watching everyone!  I hope you have a great day!  Use #workspacewednesday on Instagram to let me see what's in your workspace.  You can follow me by clicking on the Instagram button over on the right if you're interested.

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