Friday, January 10, 2014

First Post!

Obviously this is my first blog post, but I just wanted to throw something up here so that people who stop by will know what this is all about.  Primarily, I want this blog to be about scrapbooking.  I do Project Life, traditional layouts and cards and I will share some product reviews and challenges as well as process videos.

My interests are wider than just scrapbooking and I don't want to leave anything out!  So I will post about books that I'm reading, DIY projects, things that are going on around my home, and just other stuff in general!  I want this to really be a diverse blog that represents me as a person, with an emphasis on the scrapbooking side!  I do have some videos that I recorded and I'm working on getting them blog ready and I cannot wait to share them!  So for today I am creating my blog!

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