Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Printing on Vellum

Hey everyone!  I hope you are having a great day!  Today I'm going to share with you how I print on vellum.

To start with, I have a Canon Pixma MG6220.  My husband picked this printer out for me about a year ago when I wanted a printer for printing good photos.  I really appreciate him doing all the leg work for me because I do not like looking for stuff where I need to read the specifications or reviews!  Send me to the scrapbook store any day of the week!

Anyway, this printer has served me really well even with using off-brand ink.  This is our all purpose printer as well.  I use it to print photos, print on cardstock and regular paper and it has a great scanner.  But, this post is not about my printer--even though it kind of is!  One thing that everyone recommended was to set your printer setting to 'vellum' or 'transparency.'  My printer has neither one, even after I checked on Canon's website for an update.  Nada.  So I was back at square one.

The other recommendation was to print on fast draft.  You want as little ink going onto the vellum as possible.  A heavy layer of ink has a much higher chance of smearing, or possibly even not ever drying on the vellum.  So I decided to try this!  One thing to note, is that I printed on vellum I purchased from Studio Calico over a year ago.  I have no idea what brand they use or if other brands will work.  I know from a class that I took that not all vellum can be printed on.  It's kind of hit or miss.

Set your printer up for how you would normally print the printables (in this case they are from Two Peas in a Bucket).  Put your paper setting in as plain paper.  Set your print quality to fast.  And in my case, I chose to have it print from the rear tray.  I typically print this way so that the paper doesn't get curled or torn when coming up from the bottom.

After hitting print, it comes out super quick!  The ink was just barely wet in some spots and it dried very quickly.  Success!  Here is a photo of the finished result.  I have put it on white paper so you can see the details of the print.  And you will notice that the top edge is a bit cut off but that was my fault for choosing the 'actual size' option instead of 'fit.'  It seems I have to change this setting all the time, depending on who designed the Two Peas printable.  Anyone have any tips for me?

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