Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In the Stacks November 25

Hey everyone!  I'm back with another quick review of the books that I've been reading that are at the top of my stack.

1.  Shopaholic to the Stars--You might be familiar with the Shopaholic series about, what else, a shopaholic.  Through the years we've seen Becky overspend, get married and have a little girl and now she's moving to Hollywood.  I don't know if I picked this book up at the wrong moment or if I've just phased out of these books or if the writing just wasn't as good as the past ones but I just couldn't get into this book.  I gave up and returned it but I would possibly pick it up at a different time to see if it struck my fancy then.

2.  Kiss of Deception--This teen fantasy is the first in a trilogy by Mary Pearson and it started off a little slow but with a great premise.  I ended up enjoying it and I recently saw the cover for the second book on Instagram, and I am waiting eagerly.  This was a good read if you like YA or fantasy or an adventure.  And I just have to know what happens because there was a good cliffhanger at the end!

3. The Firewish--Another young adult fantasy and another first in a series but this one has a jinni/human twist.  This was good but I wished there would have been more details about the Middle Eastern setting and about the jinnis and the mysteries and myths surrounding their race.  Overall the book was good and I would read another in the series but this just didn't satisfy my desire to read an updated 'Aladdin' type story.

4. Maid Marian--I love a good historical fiction, especially one set in Arthurian times.  Admittedly, my bar is set pretty high with "Mists of Avalon" but this book just did not grab my attention and I gave up on it within just a few pages.  Bummer :(

5. The Monogram Murders--For those that may not know, this was a book written under Agatha Christie's name with the permission of her grandson.  It features Hercule Poirot and I think that's why I didn't get into it as well.  Honestly, I read until the part about the cuff links and I am still curious about what happens, but it just didn't hold my interest well enough to continue this book.  Maybe it's because I'm a Miss Marple fan?

6.  We Are Not Ourselves--This novel by Matthew Thomas started out good even though it is a more dry book.  But that's its style, and it kept me interested, for awhile.  But then it just felt like it dragged.  I got distracted by other books that had more action in them.

7.  Good Girl--This is an update from last time.  I did finish this book and the ending surprised me, although later I felt like I should have figured it out.  Overall, I liked this book but I think I didn't like the style with the way it went between the past and present.  I already knew what happened to Mia, so I felt like there wasn't enough suspense even though there were obviously some unknown elements.  But it was good.  I would recommend it.

So, it feels like I set a lot of books aside this time.  But honestly, I just like to give my opinions. And this is a portion of the books I read/tried since the last book update.  And I didn't really include any e-books this time.  That's why I check so many books out--because there are duds and life-changers.  And because working at a library I get a ton of recommendations :)  Any you've read lately that I need to check it out?  Any you want me to read so you can get an idea of if you'd like it?  Let me know!

Until next time!

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