Monday, November 3, 2014

Turkey Wreath

Here's another fall craft for you.  Because I firmly believe that November is not too late to do fall crafts.  Especially if you had surgery in late September and didn't feel normal until late October, haha!  So, as forewarned, I basically have no pictures, but this little guy is super simple to put together and here is a link to the original tutorial that I loosely followed.

I mean, seriously, how cute is this little gal?  My husband swears it's a boy and that his name is Tyson.  With glitter and tulle I'm betting that she's a girl, despite the fact that she's so colorful ;)

Anyway, here are the supplies you need:

-Red, Yellow and Orange Tulle--I had trouble find these and ended up with one 25 yd roll of red, one 12 yd roll of orange glitter and purchased 1 1/4 yd off the roll of yellow.  And after my experience, I would have ordered rolls online because that was the easiest.  And for your own sanity, don't purchase any glittery kinds!!  The glitter got everywhere!  Horrible, horrible.  But I digress...
-Styrofoam Wreath
-2 Styrofoam Balls
-Styrofoam Cone--If you can't find one in the size you like, you can always trim some off the wider end, that's what I had to do.
-Red Felt
-Brown Yarn
-Yellow and Black Acrylic Paint
-3 Toothpicks
-Straight Pins or Hot Glue
-Ribbon or Yarn

Paint circles on the 'eyes' with the black paint and paint the cone yellow.  Then fold the felt in half and cut a wattle, the piece that will hang from the nose.  Then set these aside.  Cut the tulle in 18 inch lengths.  The great thing about this is that it doesn't have to be perfect at all because the tulle is very forgiving.  And plus, feathers wouldn't be perfect in nature ;)

Tie the brown yarn onto the wreath and start wrapping.  Do this for about 1/3 of the wreath.  I recommend watching some TV or YouTube videos during this process--it makes the time go much faster.  After you're done with that, tie off the brown yarn and get ready to start tying tulle!

I basically just tied a double knot in the tulle around the wreath.  Easy peasy!  And you can rotate the knots a little to get the 'feathers' looking the way you want them.  And just keep tying until it's filled up.  I didn't go in a pattern, sometimes I even did two reds in a row (because I had the most of the red).  You can trim the feathers at this point if they're too long in an area.

Then with the toothpicks stick the nose and eyes into the wreath.  Use hot glue to attach the wattle to the nose.  To hang my bird I took some yellow ribbon and just used pins to attach it to the wreath in the back.  The tulle was so puffy and tall that you can't even see the ribbon behind there.

And that's it!  If you have any questions just let me know.  I'll be happy to answer any questions that you have!  And stay tuned because I will have at least one more fall craft for you this week!

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