Monday, April 7, 2014

Flowerpot Wreath

I've been busy making some Easter projects for my grandma and her friend.  I wanted to make them two different wreaths since they are at the same nursing home.  So first up is the flowerpot wreath.  Technically, both of these wreaths could be considered Pinterest projects, since that is where I found them.  That's where I find a lot of my project ideas.  But anyway, here is the post where I found the wreath.  They had a lot of cute project ideas but I chose two that I liked, including the first one.  I didn't read any of the directions, I just kind of winged it.

One of the reasons I made this wreath was because I found my small flowerpots at DollarTree and they were 3 for a dollar.  Which means the whole project came in around twenty dollars.  Not too shabby and I could have spent a little less because I had leftover pots. I also could have spent a little bit more if I didn't have craft paint on hand.

I went to town painting the pots different colors.  I just used a foam brush.  My hand was cramping by the time I was done, but honestly, I just used a really thick coat of paint and just did one coat of the darker colors, plus some touch-ups.  The lighter colors took me about three coats.

After letting them dry, I just wired them to my wreath base and then hot glued them, for some extra stability. I found my wreath at at Wal-Mart.  Looking back on the project, I wish I would have waited to pick up the wreath at Hobby Lobby, because they had a similar style that was a lot smaller and I think a smaller wreath would have looked better.

Also at Wal-Mart, I purchased some cheap flowers and a piece of foam.  It doesn't matter what size the foam is really, because you're going to have to cut it down to fit in the pots.  The inspiration photo has pots in all different sizes, but I found mine in just one size, so that's what I worked with.  I cut the foam down to size using a knife and I just used the trial and error method until the foam could be pushed down into the pot.  I could have hot glued them into the pots, but I knew none of mine would be facing down, because that's how I wanted it to look.  Using wire cutters, I trimmed the plastic flower stems down to a short size and stuck them in the foam.  Here's a photo of my finished project and I'm sorry that I didn't take any photos during the process.  Some day I will get better about those "blogging photos," I promise!

This project was fairly easy, but it was time consuming.  And to be honest, by the end of it, I was just ready to quit and be done with it.  But I stuck with it and am glad that I did so, because I really like the finished product.  I do like the other Easter project that I did a lot better.  Stop by later this week to see my other Easter project, it's super cute and about the same price point as this one!

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