Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crafty Goals

Even though we're over halfway through February, I thought I would list out some of my goals this year that I have for crafting.  These are just general things that I would like to accomplish or try harder at.

1.  Use more white paper for backgrounds.  As much as I love those pretty patterned papers, the layouts I like best tend to be white or neutral backgrounds with tons of color on top.  I find these layouts to be more classic and feel more airy and ethereal.  So the patterned paper will probably be purchased in 6x6 pads from now on and on the plus side, it's cheaper that way!

2.  Make my Project Life layouts more embellished.  I want to use up more embellishments and treat my photos as mini-layouts and not just something to be put in a pocket.  I am going to make my Project Life more "scrapbook" style.  This is definitely not for everyone and not even the way it was designed to be, but again, these are the Project Life layouts that I tend to like the best.

3.  Sew more on my layouts!  I have a sewing machine and I even keep it plugged in and ready to go so that I will use it more.  But then I don't use it!  Time to sew more, even if I'm too lazy to swap out the white thread.  That's okay!  Just start sewing more; maybe I'll finally finish that quilt I was making for my nephew's first birthday (he just turned two lol).

4.  Include more of the little things on full-size layouts.  I feel like a lot of the 'little things' get put in Project Life and then I never scrap them in a traditional style.  But I have been loving my 12x12 layouts lately and I want to make more of them.  And I feel like I never have a recent, interesting picture of my husband or I, so I need to find other things to scrap about.

5.  Get more organized.  This is definitely an ongoing mission that I feel might never be accomplished.  I have found some good solutions lately even if they are a bit quirky and not nearly as nice as the beautiful spaces I see online.  But I'm not a professional and I would rather spend money on supplies than on storage.  So here's to making a cheap, weird space that works for me!

6.  Scrap my stash.  I literally have too much stuff to know what I have around.  I'm trying to use up older product, sort through everything and find out what doesn't work for me anymore.  I keep buying more enamel dots but I've never emptied a sheet of them!  At some point I will run out of space for storing my product.  And it makes me a little nauseous to see how much stuff I have (and money I've spent) and I'm not using enough of it!  This will also help me spend less money.  I just go 'shopping' in my stash!

7.  Print more Instagram size photos.  Even though formatting them and printing them and cutting them down and leaving that little white border is a pain--I still love the look.  I need to put more effort in so that I will like the end results that much more!

8.  And last but not least, I would like to start making some mixed media projects.  This is a total shock to me for two reasons--I never used to like mixed media canvases or books and I never thought I was 'artistic.'  And believe me, I use the word artistic in the loosest of terms!  Growing up I never enjoyed art class, I couldn't draw figures and I just wasn't truly that interested!  I did doodle a bit, but only in a weird way.  But I really got into scrapbooking and that led me to find other forms of art.  Just because I don't love a trip to the art museum doesn't mean I don't like art, or that I'm not good at it in my own way.  I like the creative expression of art!  I've always loved writing and would still love to make that a career some day.  But art is as therapeutic to me now.  And learning new styles and learning to like new styles is something that I enjoy.  I feel myself growing creatively.  I want to try drawing things!  I want to use new products!  I want to use the tools and products that I have in different ways!  A few years ago I never thought I would know what a brayer was or why I would need acrylic paint or that my scrapbook supplies would take up half a room.  But it's such a part of who I am now!  This has gotten a bit of topic, but I am going to try my hand at some mixed media, and hopefully I'll take you guys along for the ride.  I'm such a beginner at so much and I'm definitely not a natural at anything so if you feel like you're scared to try something--don't be!  I'll try it right along with you and we can make mistakes together!

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