Monday, February 17, 2014

Project Life Week 5 Process Video

Hey everyone,

I'm running so behind!  Last week I went to two card classes in the evenings when they are normally a week apart, so that put me behind and then on Saturday I went over to a friend's house and made even more cards!  I had a fun and scrappy week but I got behind on some of my blog work.  I posted a picture of the cards that I made over the weekend on Instagram if you're interested in seeing them.  My handle on Instagram is kelseydnoble.  I also post sneaks sometimes of projects that I'm working on, so check it out!

Not to worry, there are plenty of videos and fun stuff for this week, but my schedule is just a bit off.  So today I'm going to post what was supposed to go up Saturday and Sunday!  Here's my video for my week five Project Life.  I hope you enjoy!  Check back later today to see another video!

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